Software Consulting

Ectobox specializes in customized Microsoft .NET and SQL Server software development and Microsoft Power BI business intelligence services for data-driven businesses in manufacturing, finance, and construction.

With Ectobox, your data-driven company benefits from our expertise in an array of platforms and applications.


Ideal for companies with minimal software experience, or insufficient internal IT resources.

If you’re a small or midsize business (SMB), your data and operations software may be stuck between a rock and a hard place: between the basic office suite software (spreadsheets) you’ve outgrown, and the enterprise solution that you can’t afford.

With Ectobox’s custom software development services, you receive two services in one: an expert assessment of the business problems you are trying to solve, and the software to solve them. Whether you’ve got a project-gone-wrong that needs a rescue, or are considering a brand-new project, we custom-fit the solution to your company.


Ideal for companies whose software and technology resources meet their operational needs, but not their business intelligence needs.

Some businesses have data issues more than software issues. In other words, their business processes are working fine, but they lack a comprehensive, strategic process that integrates the data flowing within each operational area into reports, dashboards, and business intelligence platforms to support good business decisions.

Ectobox’s business intelligence services provide a process to review the current situation and create the appropriate reporting and data analysis solutions.

1. Diagnostic

To clarify your situation and your needs, Ectobox offers a two-part Diagnostic: First, we assess and analyze the business problems you are trying to solve. We document the issues and flag any business risks to determine whether you are operating efficiently with your current processes. By the end of this part, you will understand clearly what problems you have, whether you can improve upon them, and what needs to change to do so.


2. Evaluation

Next, we evaluate whether a software solution can solve the problem and ideate on how your company can start moving in the right direction. Our experts consider your company’s strategic objectives and clarify how software can help achieve those goals. Finally, we recommend the best software solution for your business and your situation. The solution may be custom software development or an off-the-shelf product you were not aware of, or it may be combination of the two. It might not even be a software solution at all but rather a business process change. Whichever makes the most sense for your business, Ectobox delivers the recommendations and the project plan.


3. Specification

Once you approve the plan, our business consultants and software development experts begin designing and fitting the software solution. Depending on your preferred development process, traditional waterfall or agile, we will create either a thorough and complete specification document or a partial, first-release specification. Specification documents ensure that we create the right software for your business. (Studies show that most software projects without appropriate specification will fail.)


4. Implementation

Implementation is the phase where we develop and launch the software application in your business. Depending on the process you chose in the Specification phase -- waterfall or agile -- we will either develop the full software application in with large milestone reviews and user acceptance, or execute more frequent releases with ongoing user feedback.

In this phase, we apply industry best practices for software architecture and coding, including professional Quality Assurance (QA) services, automated testing, and carefully planned data migrations and production releases. These practices save you time and money as your application takes shape.

1. Assessment

Ectobox will review your existing systems and all your data in the context of your pertinent business goals and objectives, then recommend appropriate solutions. We encourage your close involvement in this process; this is critical to ensuring that our recommendations are the best fit for your company, your people, and the way you operate.


2. Prototype

Once we have a good understanding of your needs, our reporting and business intelligence experts create a prototype, which is a small, working version of the potential final solution. This gives you and your employees a chance to get a feel for how the solution works, to help ensure that right fit to you and your company.


3. Development

Ectobox’s reporting and business intelligence experts will then build out the complete solution you have selected, based on our recommendations and your feedback on the prototype Ectobox’s business analytics services make data accessible with include a customized mix of:

  • Prototyping
  • Data Analysis
  • Reporting and Charts
  • Dashboards
  • Cloud-based business intelligence platforms

Once the solution is built, you still have the capability to modify reports, add dashboards, and make any other improvements and additions you desire as your business needs grow.