Internet of Things (IoT)


What is IoT? Internet of Things means different things to different groups.

For business owners, C-suite, and shareholders it means potential big changes to business models.  Manufacturing plant managers can have less unplanned downtime on their production lines. Service departments of machines provide better levels of service to their customers. Product managers and engineers have much better information with which to innovate and invent new products which better serve the customers' needs.

Ectobox can help you decide if IoT is the right for your company, and work closely with you to implement IoT solutions that fit your needs.

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Software Consulting 


Software consulting is a broad term. We understand this.

Here at Ectobox our experienced and dedicated team want to help you find the very best fit for your company's software needs. Whether that be upgrading existing infrastructures, implementing business analytics services, providing up-to-date mobile business solutions or building a complete custom software solution Ectobox's team of experts can help you find the most efficient solutions.

We follow a thorough and comprehensive planning and development process to enable constant evaluation of needs and progress.

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Banish Uncertainty and Revolutionize Your Business with an IoT Business Transformation Plan

The good news is that in this digital age, no company needs to operate in the dark anymore. Leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) in the right way can help you banish uncertainty.