Internet of Things

IoT (Internet of Things) is a journey, not a project. IoT is a tool for growing a business, not only for seeing data.

Are you struggling to understand what IoT really is?

Is your competition adding IoT to their products and you're feeling the competitive pressure to do the same?

Are you wondering how it could impact your company?

Start by contacting us to understand what IoT is and see if IoT is right for your company and your situation.




Ectobox provides consulting, services, and product solutions for IoT. We provide businesses with the power to transform their competitive position with IoT.



IoT has the power to completely change how a business can work. The use of IoT to enable that change, should be done incrementally, by experienced partners. We can be that partner to steer the IoT strategy, plans, and execution in the right direction. We can help avoid the problems and pitfalls along the way to competitive advantage and business success.

1. Discovery

We have a few conversations with your team to understand where your company is at with the IoT journey, define outcomes to achieve, understand where you might need some help, and figure out where we can fit to enable you to reach your goals.

2. Proof of Concept

It is best to start small and quick. We engage in a Proof of Concept to validate the impact an IoT solution will on the company.

3. Continue the Journey

IoT isn't a single project. IoT is a journey towards having massive impact on the business by gaining significant competitive advantage, growing revenue, and reducing costs. We continue that journey based on the findings from the Proof of Concept project into other projects, training, services...whatever is appropriate to reach goals defined.


Discovery and Proofs of Concept (PoC) Application Development
IoT Software Platform and System Integration Digital Twins, Analytics, and Machine Learning
* IoT Consulting


We use the latest technologies to implement the right project for the right reasons. No one IoT software platform or other tool is right for every project. Our two IoT platforms of choice are: