Ecommerce Automation & Modifications


Sole Provisions has been using Stone Edge Order Manager by Monsoon Commerce for several years. The application works well for growing businesses like Sole Provisions. There were some processes with Stone Edge Order Manager that needed to be automated to make the users and the business more efficient, and keep their inventory consistently up-to-date across multiple sales channels.


Ectobox made several modifications to Stone Edge Order Manager, including adding a feature to run the shopping cart downloads automatically 24x7.


The changes have allowed the business to run more efficiently and profitably. Users are able to focus on higher valued tasks, inventory is updated regularly, and customers have fewer problems with orders.

Banish Uncertainty and Revolutionize Your Business with an IoT Business Transformation Plan

The good news is that in this digital age, no company needs to operate in the dark anymore. Leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) in the right way can help you banish uncertainty.