New Business Line, New Application


NCS Credit, a leader in collections, mechanic’s lien laws, and UCC filings in Cleveland, OH, was creating a new line of business. This new business required pulling data from multiple sources and storing the data. NCS Credit had a team of people processing this data manually, which was less than optimal.


Ectobox created a custom application to do exactly what was needed from the perspective of features. Ectobox also worked with NCS Credit to strategically define future needs and design the application for growth and expansion.


NCS Credit is now able to import and process this data in a way so much more efficiently than humans ever could. Additionally, the application is continuing to expand without budget concerns due to the strategic thinking and design applied at the beginning of the project.

Banish Uncertainty and Revolutionize Your Business with an IoT Business Transformation Plan

The good news is that in this digital age, no company needs to operate in the dark anymore. Leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) in the right way can help you banish uncertainty.