Custom Data Analysis


Gleason and Associates, a certified public accounting firm that provides specialized financial and economic advisory services to attorneys, banks, corporations, insurance companies, investors and individuals, has been a long-time customer of Ectobox. Some of their customers have had projects where the customer would provide large sets of data which needed to be analyzed. The analysis exceeded the capabilities of Excel and other available tools.


Ectobox provided customized, focused solutions for several Gleason and Associates projects. We provided a detailed, thorough data analysis and also designed and created customized software solutions. We worked directly alongside the managers and directors to make the solution work for them. We spent time, face-to-face, listening to their problems and suggesting areas where our solutions could help. We believe that no two companies require the same solution, so we invest the time to learn about our client’s day-to-day issues and suggest focused solutions for them.


Every project that we’ve worked on for Gleason and Associates is different, unique. The customized solutions have helped bring the projects to a successful completion. Our dedication to excellence has resulted in a happy customer.

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