Rescue Operation


Bayer Healthcare, a large manufacturer of high tech medical devices, had an existing Microsoft Access application with a SQL Server backend database. As it happens with large companies, due to turnover, the employee who built the application was not available anymore. The application was not working correctly and had bugs– but no one around to fix it. Bayer Healthcare also had ideas for new features that would improve their application, but could not add them.


Ectobox’s team based in the Pittsburgh area spent time to personally review the custom software application. Ectobox’s team worked incrementally with Bayer Healthcare staff to fix all of the bugs. We then started to add new features over time– the features that ultimately helped Bayer Healthcare significantly improve how they managed this data.


The application has been working just as it should — seamlessly. Bayer Healthcare’s staff have increased their productivity and efficiency due to the new features. With no bugs, the staff are able to work efficiently without interruptions. Bayer Healthcare was so pleased with the outcome that they asked us to begin to build other custom software applications.

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