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It’s True: Custom Software Can be More Affordable than Off-The-Shelf

We talked recently with a manufacturing company that has a custom ERP system they built themselves. It performs the functions they need and it is customized to exactly the way the business runs. It’s a good fit. Not long ago the company was purchased by a much larger conglomerate of manufacturing companies. The parent company […]

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Do the Basics First in Reports and Business Intelligence

It’s like baseball. You want to focus on the fundamentals before you try the expert moves. Let’s say you’re watching your local team slide in the standings, as we have unfortunately seen with the Pittsburgh Pirates. You’ll hear the sportscasters and managers and coaches talk about getting back to the basics before they get fancy. […]

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How to Build a Winning IS Strategy

In the last post, The Biggest Software Mistake Your Company is Probably Making, we covered the basics of what an information systems (IS) strategy is and the importance of having one in place. This week, we’ll dive deeper into what makes a good IS strategy and how to build one for your company. What makes […]

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The Biggest Software Mistake Your Company is Probably Making

Most companies spend a lot of time thinking about IT — information technology – which refers to computer hardware, computing capabilities, storage, transmission, security, etc. Virtually everyone works on or with a computer or electronic device of some kind. Evolving technology is “in our face” all the time. You can’t help but see colleagues with […]

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An Investment that Returns 10-20% in Year One

In 2017 Ectobox debuted its Business Services Division, a dedicated group of developers focused on providing business intelligence and reporting solutions to growth-driven businesses. What is “business services”? It’s taking care of the ‘business end’ of software development – by integrating data from multiple internal and external sources and manipulating it to create targeted reports […]

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