You have systems that need to share data. Or company processes are not efficient. Or you want to use IoT to pull valuable information out of your devices. Most of all, you need a solution for a business problem.




Your business is different from anyone else’s. Before recommending anything, Ectobox focuses on your company’s data and software environment. We don’t force a model on you, or recommend a solution just because it’s easy to do. We are committed to your time frame, your structure, your culture.



With Ectobox, you get experienced .NET and SQL software developers. Every member of your programming team has at least 10 years of experience. We take the time to understand your business and your particular software needs. Then we program your custom software to fit the situation.



“You really get it.” “That’s a very good question.” “We hadn’t thought about that.” Ectobox clients tell us they like the way we help them solve problems that have eluded them time after time. They like our responsiveness and our on-time delivery, too.


Ectobox specializes in customized software consulting and development and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for growing, data-driven businesses.

You’re an owner or a manager at a company that relies heavily on software to implement your business model. You might operate in the financial/credit sector, law, or manufacturing. Or you’re in a niche, operating between industries, where your operational needs aren’t well met by off-the-shelf software solutions. You’ve got a thriving business, you don’t have an in-house team of developers to address the gaps in your software solutions. You hire us to make your systems and software work right, so you can concentrate on your business. Who else hired us >


HFT has worked with Ectobox for over 20 years. Ectobox’s attention to detail through the project process has produced numerous timeless customized programs. Ectobox has a reliable and well established staff that can easily take the requirements for a project and turn it into a reality swiftly. Ectobox has continued to help HFT optimize productivity through practical software solutions. Ectobox’s goal oriented staff were able to turn vague ideas into practical solutions, helping reduce cost and improve results. Ectobox pleasant approach and efficient nature has made working with them a welcomed respite in the harsh B2B landscape. Every one of our employees has enjoyed working with Ectobox team members. Ectobox has helped grow our organization through consistent and industry appropriate software solutions.

Tracy Hawkins

Director of Purchasing at Henry F. Teichmann, Inc.

Ectobox has provided much needed web page development expertise and considerable programming ability in Microsoft Visual Basic and VBA for Access and Excel. I have enjoyed working with Kevin, because there have been times when I required a project to be developed from scratch and Kevin completed the project to my requirements in short order. Other times I have wanted to be involved in the development phase so that I can take an active role in maintaining the project after development is completed. This is where Kevin has shined in comparison to other developers - he will actually take the time to teach and coach me in development of special applications.

Jon D. Dixon

Vice President, UNIVERSAL Electric Corporation

It is rare that one can partner with such a standout IT consulting organization like Ectobox. I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin for the last 5 years, collaborating on many projects. Kevin’s ability to balance our business needs with the technical challenges has made a dramatic difference in our overall success. No matter how difficult, Kevin keeps the projects moving forward, but is always flexible to make adjustments in the spirit of doing what is best. Second to none in honesty and integrity, working with Kevin is truly an asset.

Michael Cheselka

Director of Information Technology

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