What You Don’t Know about Mobile Apps Might Hurt You

Thinking about developing a mobile app for your company? Whether you’re planning to use it for internal needs or external, customer-facing needs, here’s an at-a-glance guide to what will work best for your organization. Cheat sheet: Phone Gap and Xamarin When you task a developer with creating a

An Investment that Returns 10-20% in Year One

In 2017 Ectobox debuted its Business Services Division, a dedicated group of developers focused on providing business intelligence and reporting solutions to growth-driven businesses. What is “business services”? It’s taking care of the ‘business end’ of software development – by integra

A CEO’s Guide to Getting Answers about Software

As your company’s leader, it’s your responsibility to understand the software problems that are costing your company time and money. You need to find the cause of those issues, determine how significant they are, and exert the executive will to solve them. The worst decision you can make is none

Software is a Cornerstone of Growth Companies

Business Growth I had a great conversation with a gentleman last week. It was such a great conversation that feel compelled to quote him, with his permission. He said, "If you want to grow a business you have to have a good foundation to make it happen. Software is a cornerstone of that foundation."

Should Your Software Applications Talk to One Another?

 Do you know everything you need to know about what's going on in your manufacturing company? Do you have all of the data you need? If you do, is it a quick and efficient process for you and your staff to get the reports to you? Or does it take your staff a lot of time to manually assemble reports

Another 4 Qualities of Top Software Development Firms

In this post we discussed 4 qualities of great custom software consulting firms. Here is another set of 4 qualities to consider. Use these when evaluating your prospective software development companies for upcoming custom softw

4 Top Qualities of a Software Development Firm

When selecting a software development firm to work on your custom software project you want to select the best option available, right? They all seem the same from the surface, but they aren’t. It’s not difficult to discern those that will provide a much greater chance of software project succes

Who Should Assess Software Project Viability?

Let's say you have a problem in your business, such as inefficient processes for selling new products, or a lot of errors in a purchasing or order fulfillment process. Creating a custom software application might be a key part of improving that business situation, assuming off-the-shelf options wer

How to Rescue a Custom Software Project

We've established in another article that a failed software project has to be thoroughly assessed to determine if it can be rescued. If you've had an assessment done, and if the final report said it can be done and it's affordable, then what? Work with the Right People It's also best to have people

Can Your Custom Software Be Rescued?

Many custom software projects fail. It's a fact proven and restated time and again. Some of those failed projects create software that can be rescued, i.e., resuscitated and healed to the point of living a long and prosperous life. But how do you know if you're project can be rescued? Assessment is

How to start up more successful custom software projects

Have you heard the majority of software projects end in failure? It's an oft quoted fact. One of several ways to prevent that is to start off on the right foot. A key to starting off well is with a project launch mtg. Get the right people in the virtual or physical room at the same time, talk about

Are you strategic with your technology?

Being strategic is one of the most important approaches that a business should have for themselves, their customers, and their vendors to grow the business. Is your company strategic in their approach to growing the business? Is technology a part of that strategy? Technology can be a huge part of a

Why Be Transparent?

"Let's all be open, honest, just get along, ok?" How many times have you had a conversation with someone in a business setting and you had the gut feeling they weren't being completely upfront and honest with you? Now think about how long you continued to interact or work with that person after that

Can non-geek startups get suitable software solutions?

When you think of a startup company, you often think of young girls and guys who are serious computer geeks that can create a software solution around which to build a great new business They're often CMU and Standford grads...people who can create their own, unique web applications, desktop applica

4 Reasons Why MVP’s are a good idea for a startup

Are MVPs (i.e., creating Minimally Viable Products) a good idea for startup companies? Or for existing companies that want to create a new product or service? Yes, absolutely! Why? I want to answer this "Why" question in this post. This idea is important and appropriate before I get into the short

Who can create the technical solutions for a startup?

In continuing the series of posts on software solutions for startups started on Nov 20, here I'll list who would create those solutions. As a quick summary of what we've discussed so far: Startups often don't have the internal capabilities to create their software applications unique and critical t

The Custom Software Question: To Build or To Buy?

If you’re like most businesses, you use software on a daily basis for critical functions: managing projects, sending invoices or tracking inventory. The plan for most businesses is to buy a mass market, shrink-wrapped off the shelf (OTS) application, like Quickbooks or NetSuite. And that is a huge

What technical solutions do startups need?

In a post on November 20 I suggested that there are many startup companies out there that aren't able to create the technical parts of their new product or service on their own. This is in opposition to the many startups started by technology experts or geeks that can create their own solutions fo